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06 February 2004

Getting old

last night in bed, I realised I am 28. And that I go to work every day and get a day older every time I wake up. Not a stunning revelation, I know. However, I felt scared. Because I am enjoying life a lot actually. And getting older means my life is getting shorter every day. And I don't like that. I am not scared of getting old because I will look old or stuff like that. I am also not afraid to 'miss out on great things and regret it when I am 100'. I am simply worried abuot my life getting shorter. Having less time to enjoy life. Less time with the people I love, less time to travel, less time to live. I am doing the things I really want to do so I am not afraid to suddenly realise that I have missd out. I am not missing out. I just want to stay 28 for a long time so I can enjoy this life longer.


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