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02 February 2004

I believe in the BBC

I really do. Believe in the BBC. It doesn't mean I believe the BBC. I believe Andrew Gilligan should be dragged through the mud and his editors with him. It is unthinkable that a reporter can have such an explosive story in his hands, one that can bring down the government, and that nobody asks to see the script. That would have been a problem anyway becasue there was no script. Gilligan basicly gathered his notes and sat down behind a microphone. He sort of read the story frmo his notes, making up the words as he was reading his notes. And this is why he later had to admit some of the wording was wrong and poorly chosen.

However, the exhonoration of Tony Blair has made me sick. And especially the nicredibly undignifief reaction of Alistair Campbell. Ugh. I believe the government DID sex up the report. I beleive Campbell did do stuff he was not supposed to do and I certainly beleive the government did nothing to protect David Kelly. (But then again, he should have realised that speaking to the press would cost him his carreer......)

Anyway, the Hutton Enquiry should be a victory for Blair. But in its complete one-sided view of affairs, it has in fact only damaged Blair's position even further. Because all the blame is put at the BBC's doorstep. And that is something I refuse to believe. So I believe in the BBC. But I do not believe in Giligan and his direct boss. They are right to leave their jobs. Now let's hope that Murdoch will not take over the media. Ugh.

This whole mess made me wonder. On the radio the other day I heard a discussion about why most media can be placed on the left side of the political spectrum. Maybe it is because those of us who work in the media have a much broader view of what is going on in the world. On a day-to-day basis we are confronted with poverty, hunger, injustice, homelessness and injustice. I am not saying that The Right causes all these problems but I suppose The Right more or less suggests people solve their own problems. That people are always responsible for their own actions. And maybe when you are confronted with misery every day, you get a better view of how sometimes you simply can not solve your own problems anymore. I welcome your views on this matter.


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