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16 February 2004

I got an apology

Oh my. *tries to calm heaving bossom*

I have a complete POST dedicated to me on a site I burnt down the other day. I might have judged Grouchy Old Cripple too soon. Of course he is wrong about the War and Democrats being soft and mean. I believe the Republicans are the ones who are mean (Chasing Clinton for having an affair...puhlease).
Anyway, he called me a troll because of my previous post. I accused him of being a Christian. Indeed the worst accusation I can think of. No seriously.
But, he is a bigger man than I though the was and he deserves my apology aswell. He apologised for calling me a troll and then dedicated a WHOLE POST to me. Wow!!!!
Of course the whole post is wrong and eventhough he claims he is right, I know that he is wrong. But see, it IS possible to disagree with someone to the point where I probably wouldn't even manage more than a 3 minute conversation before blowing up in frustration. But that doesn't mean there can be no respect.

Grouchy, you rule man!!


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