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14 February 2004

It really did happen

Anyone saying gay people are complaining they have it hard should know about things like this:

When he was 18, his mother found a love letter from another boy. She was so distraught that Price volunteered for psychiatric treatment. He was admitted to a mental hospital where he was given "aversion therapy" by being shown pictures of naked men while being injected with an emetic, which caused him to vomit and defecate in his bed. He walked out before completing his "treatment".

Three months later, he walked into a gay club in Manchester. Standing at the bar was the psychiatrist from the hospital. It took three men to drag Price off him.

Luckily enough this quote comes from a much more happy article about how this man, Price, saved a boy from killing himself. He hosts a radioshow and a boy called in to say he was not 'taking it anymore'. Price ran out of the studio to find the boy. And there is another example of how shitty it can be to be gay:

Price said he was "scared shitless" as he drove down County Road, unsure whether or not he was being set up. "I'm a known gay man. He's a 13-year-old boy."
He stopped a taxi and asked the driver to follow, for insurance.

Even on moments like that, ou have to realise people will judge you for your sexuality.

Anyway, here is the whole story.


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