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11 February 2004

Music was my first love

What does music say about you? A colleague of mine that I rarely talk to mentioned she had heard Eva Cassidy on the radio and was looking for her CDs. I told her she could borrow mine. She looked at me with a look that seemed to say: I never expected YOU to like that kind of music.

So today I have them in my bag to give to her and I was listening to Eva in the car on the way to work. And in a strange way, I felt like I was about to expose myself to someone I hardly know. Maybe that is because Eva's music is very personal and saying that you like her seems to be linked to the kind of songs she sings. So maybe I only get this feeling with Eva Cassidy. But when I think about it, I think I get that feeling with most of the 'quiet' music that I like. If I tell people I like Janis Ian, Joni Mitchell or Mary Black, most people look at me in surprise. I am a fairly loud person; always busy; always jumpy; witty; It seems that people frequently think that is all I am. So when I tel tell them I kind of like quiet, introspective music, I feel like I am exposing a very vulnerable side of myself. To the extend that I am reluctant to give Sanne the CDs.

Do more people have that? Does the music you listen to say something about you? And what does it say? Why is the first thing I do when I am at people's houses look at their music collection? And their books? Is it looking for a nond? Or is it looking for a kind of reassurance that I have judged this person correctly because he or she shares my taste and might therefore be a lot like me?

Tmie for sociologists and anthropologists to have their say.


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