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02 February 2004

Panting the news

I am a radio news reader. Well, I am sometimes.
well, I had to read my first bulletin at 6am. But when I sat down in the studio upstairs, it turned out it was broken. So I was ordered to come downstairs to the big studio to read the news. But I had to run. So I ran to the studio to make it on time. And I made it. Just. I ran into the studio as the news-tune was already playing. But we all forgot that you are out of breath when you run. So I wrestled myself through the first news-item. Breathing and panting like I was crying. So after the first item, the presenter of the radios took over. In the middle of my bulletin!!!!! I was very very embarrassed. But it was kind of funny too:) Will see if I can get it as a little file as a blooper. It was horrible. Because you are trying to breath and calm down but in the meantime you can hear how awful it sounds on air. So you sort of panic, hoping it will go away soon and in the meantime you are trying to control your breathing but it doesn't work so you panic some more....And so on and so on........

Anyway, it was a good laugh and a funny start of the day. Let's hope nobody heard it or else I will be hearing it all day today. Ugh.


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