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03 February 2004

Soppy log

Jane went home on Sunday. And I took our bed apart on Monday. I am selling the bugger so raise money for m England-move. Strange how you can get emotional over a bed. I bought the bed last year when Jane came over to see me for the first time. Sometime in March 2003. I had a stupid single bed and no money. So my colleague Debby Roukens was nice enough to lend me the money. I paid her back on a monthly basis. I really feel that bed is not mine but ours. Jane's and mine.
So I put my single bed together again (I had stored it under the double bed). But I could not quite let go of the duvet yet. I am one of those sad people who thinks pillows still smell of the Other person the night afterwards. And they do.

Anyway, I miss Jane. I am looking forward to my new life in England. And I am scared. Scared as hell because I do not have an awful lot of money. In fact I have no money at all. So if anyone has money or a job for me, I would be most grateful.


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