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02 February 2004

The whole story

On the website of the Israeli ministry of Foreign Affairs people can see un-edited footage of the latest bombattack in Jerusalem. Bodies ripped apart, legs, arms, blood, flesh. All there. Pretty shocking stuff. Put there to show the world that Israel is right in fighting terrorism the way they do.

But it is a shame they do not show the whole picture.
Invisible are the Israeli bulldozers who, every day, roll into Palestinian villages with no other reason than to destroy infrastructure. Waterpipes, electricity. After all, that could be used by terrorists so let's just destroy it. The pictures fail to show how Israeli soldiers, frequently only just out of puberty, shoot Palestinian mothers for no reason. After all, mothers can breed children and children could become terrorists. What more reason do you need ot shoot people? The footage does not show the the so-called Wall of Peace runs right through the most fertile Palestinian land, eventhough it is recognised as being Palestinian. It does not show how 600 Jews are protected from 400.000 Palestinians with excessive force every day. It does not show how the Israeli government keeps building new settlements on land that is supposed to be returned to Palestinians. It does not show how day after day after day, Israel kills all hope for Palestinian children to one day live in peace. It does not show how Israel creates its own monsters.

All it shows is horrible dead bodies and crying people who have lost their loved ones. Truly horrible. it will surely raise the call for more force against terrorism. The USA will ignore the proof of Israel committing crimes against Human Rights and Palestinians every day. Because all they have to do is point at the horrible pictures on the website. Terrible footage.

But it is not the whole picture.


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