08 February 2004

Wing Chun

Back in the days where ER was still a great show, there were hillarious reviews of the show over at Television without pity. And the ones that made me laugh hardest were always by Wing Chun. During Season 7 of ER, Kerry Weaver, the one with the crutch, was made a lesbian. And to help her, she got a gorgeous girlfriend in the shape of Elizabeth Mitchell. The writers tried to be good and did not just throw Leasbian Weaver at us. No, they dropped clues for weeks. And by god how subtle were those clues?
Well, not subtle at all. And Wing Chun was just the BEST at pointing this out. One ofmy favorite things to do it watch old ER episodes while reading Wing Chun reviews at the same time. I notice things I never realised.

Hmmm.....it is an hour after I wrote the first paragraph of this post.I was going to look for funny quotes from Wing Chun ER-reviews. But it is too funny and single quotes lift it out of context. So never mind.

However, you can read Wing Chun's stuff over at Hissyfit. And she is still just as funny.

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