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11 March 2004

Abstinence doesn't work

Teens who pledge to remain virgins until marriage have the same rates of sexually transmitted diseases as those who don't pledge abstinence, according to a study that examined the sex lives of 12,000 adolescents.

Ha. I bet you won't find a link to this article on all those hysterical Christian websites that try to tell you abstinence is the only thing that works against STDs. Of course, not walking prevents you from breaking your leg. So not having sex protects you from getting an STD. But, as the article point out, no sex education means that once they start having sex, they get STDs faster because they don't know anything about protecting themselves. So they don't use condoms. DUh. STUPID. So, as we can see once again, religion does NOT protect you from the evil in the world. In fact, it just makes it more evil. After all, when you are sexually active, you are, if you are smart, aware of the risks you are taking. If you are not active and you get active one day, you just assume you are safe and run a greater risk.

99 percent of non-pledgers and 88 percent of pledgers have sex before marriage.

Well, I would say that pledging is a raging succes. Not. 88% break their holy promise to God. Gee. How much is it worth then? Not much obviously. Lemme help: That is because God gave you a penis and a clitoris so you could actually ENJOY sex. So he made it very hard to resist. I think he doesn't even want you to resist it. He just wants you to do it safe and concensual.


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