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Advice needed

26 March 2004

So there are now 2 options possibly for my work. Monday I have 1 interview for a permanent job and hopefully 1 for a temp job that could be permanent after 3 months. I don't know what the 2nd job is until I have the interview but they are both office work. Now let's assume they both look nice enough to me and I have to choose. What do I choose:

Job 1: Permanent. About £13.500 a year (£7 per hour). Would ideally need a car to get therfe, but I can get there by bus. 9-5 Monday - Friday.

Job 2: Temporary for 3 months. £6.5 per hour. BUT: could turn into permanent job after 3 months and then salary would go up to about £17.000 per year. Could get there by bike or bus.

What do I do? Take the temp one that pays less for the first 3 months but will pay more IF it becomes permanent? And I mean a LOT more. Or do I take the permanent one that pays more in the beginning but at least is definately permanent?

I am not sure about either of these jobs. Will know more on Monday after the interviews but I would really like as much input from people as possible. So leave your comments and advice please.


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