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02 March 2004

Do it anyway

How to avoid becoming a terror victim.

This next bit of advice will hopefully taken to heart by ALL Americans. Not just those who want to avoid being terror victims.

12. When in a foreign country, don't advertise that you're American by speaking loudly, holding up maps, exchanging currency at airports, showing American flags, etc...

But then again, how can Americans NOT talk loudly and just be generally in the way? I think they should add rule number 27: don't wear hawaian shirts as they single you out as an American.

Really, the world will be a better place for it. At least if they follow these two rules, I will not get so outraged that I want to kill them. Hawaian shirts are like a red rag to a bull.

God how ridiculous ARE these people who make up stories like this? Are they trying to make every American paranoid? They should ask how the Brits did it all those years during the IRA bombing campaign. Even they did not urge their citizens to do some of these stupid things. No wonder Americans think the world is against them. The government tries its best to make them feel that way. So they will vote for a president who is hard on Defence.


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