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First impressions

20 March 2004

For those of you who actually care about me (Jane: I do I do!) and follow my adventures in England, here are some first impressions. I have managed to put all my stuff in my room. It looks quite cool. The room is big and has a nice double bed and a little sink. It feels kind of cool to live in England now. It was completely strange when I was in town yesterday. I was going around the temp agencies for work when I bumped in to Jane. She was shopping for clothes with her flatmate. We exchanged a few words and then I went on my way and said: See you later. You are coming over to my place for dinner?

That was so WEIRD!!!

Anyway. I spent most of my Friday searching for jobs. I registered with a bundle of Temp Agencies. All of them told me I was aiming too low with the kind of work I was looking for. Really? Me? A P.A.? I admit: On my CV I made an extra big point of having been Editor-in-Chief sometimes at Radio TV West. To them it means that I have supervisor qualities. To me it simply meant that I did my work well and people respected me enough to listen to me. I would much rather start lower down in a company and grow my way up to a higher position. Rather than coming in to a job as Office Manager or something like that. But hey, they think i can do it. And more responsability means more money. So I will go to all the interviews thhey set up for me and if I feeel unhappy at a certain job, I will simply leave.

However, I am a little surprised. I would never assume I have advanced levels of Word. But according to their tests, I do. The only thing I couldn't do was a mailmerge. The rest was nothing more but cut-and-paste etc. Nevermind. I guess I am simply a lot smarter than I think. Or mmaybe I don't think high enough of myself. I did a test for my French. I failed miserably. So instead of accepting my failure, I simply told the lady of the temp agency that their test was flawed. And so she will arrange an interview for me at a company in Rugby. The Managing Director wants a PA who can speak to his customers in French. I can do that. And apparently it pays a good deal more than the sum I had in mind.

I might put off applying foor a job at the local supermarket here. They are only willing to pay me 4.68 pounds per hour!!! Nobody can live on 4.68 per hour!!!


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