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10 March 2004

Gays and Nazis

Well-meaning people who oppose "gay marriage" often float the compromise of "civil unions" as a way to keep everybody happy and to demonstrate their goodwill.

But it won't work any better than British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain's attempt to appease Adolf Hitler by handing over Czechoslovakia in 1938. Shortly after Chamberlain proclaimed that he had negotiated "peace in our time," Hitler cut a deal with the Soviets and they jointly invaded Poland in 1939. Historians record that Hitler was utterly amazed at Chamberlain's naivete.

How shocking is that? How disgusting is it that so-called Christians compare gay activists with Nazis? And then they try to wiggle themselves out of it by saying they are really not comparing gay activists with Nazis. Well, someone tell me exactly what they are saying above? Sometimes I feel so alone and angry. Sometimes I just want to cry at the hatred these people are spewing out on the internet. Sometimes I wish God would strike them all dead.

As with the mayor's lawless order to issue "gay marriage" licenses, the supervisors' resolution shows that the homosexual agenda is not about expanding tolerance but about crushing everybody else's civil rights under the steamroller of "gay" activism.

Really? Gay people are not trying to stop other people from getting their civil rights. That is exactly what those Christian fascists are doing. I just want to get married. It should bloody show you that I respect the institution of marriage. If I didn't care, I wouldn't want it. However, I do not force other people to get married. Or to not get married. or to become gay. But the Christian fascists do exactly that: not content with spreading hatred around the world, they also want to actively deny people civil rights. Even when granting those people these rights would make no difference to THEIR personal little pathetic Christian life. Mind your own business. As soon as gay people start demanding they can preach in your church about how great it is to be gay. THAT is when Christians can complain about gay people wanting to influence them. But as long as all I want is to live somewhere in peace, without even bothering, go FUCK OFF and leave me alone.

By the way: I refuse to link to the article because every visitor they get is one too many. If you really want to read the whole thing, search Google for Concerned Women for America.


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