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I want a job

25 March 2004

This morning I went for my first job interview. A permanent job no less. Excellent. Dress standards in English offices tend to be higher than in The Netherlands. So I had to go and get myself something decent to wear. A suit. Yes indeed, a very scary thought. Mariek in a suit. So I cycled to Dorothy Perkins.. I have never worn a suit in my life, except for my sister's wedding. And that was beige. The thought of a black trouser suit was a little bit scary. Power dressing. Me? I found a really nice one for £50 so I was a happy bunny. Jane put me on her car insurance so like a proper little business woman, I drove off to Southam this morning for my interview.

I was, of course, slightly over-dressed. Never mind. Better over-dressed than under-dressed. Nice lady chatted to me about the job. A Receptionist/Assistant Administrator. I think that means I do a little of everything: making sure the toilet paper does not run out, book meetings, make sure the caterer delivers the sandwiches for that meeting, get quotes for a roof repair if the tiles fall off. That sort of thing. Can I do that? the lady who spoke to me seems to think I can. And I think I can do that too. It is very different from working at Radio TV West of course. But hey, the magic word 'Transferable Skills'. I will need to be extremely organised. That will be a bit of a challenge but I am not one to shy away from challenges.

I had a really good positive feeling about the interview. And I was right: about an hour after I left, the employment agency phoned me to arrange a second interview on Monday. Excellent. I am hoping i will get this job. I like a new start and I would like to feel more safe with regards to my money. And it will also make me feel like I am finally starting to build a life here, and just on holiday in Leamington.

I can do this. I want to do this. I am looking forward to this. GIVE ME THE JOB!!!


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