17 March 2004

I'm here!

After a 9 hour drive, I finally made it to Leamington Spa in the West Midlands. My dad had his first experience driving on the left side of the road. He was scared as a bunny caught in the headlights but he did really well. As a man does, he bluffed by saying he was kidding when he said he was scared.
Anyway, we went through the Eurotunnel. kind of scary after the bombs in Madrid. But thank goodness the security was really tight . Not. We arrived with a van stuffed with boxes of clothes etc. The bloke with the big gun asked me to open the van. I did and his face went a little pale. He sighed: "Oh no." I told him I was moving to England. I am lucky we were 3 white people. Because he should of course have made us empty the van box by box. Instead he looked at us and said: Oh. Ok then. Have a nice trip.
I am certain if we had been from southern Europe, Turkey or Marocco, he would have asked us to unload the thing bit by bit. I feel sorry for the people who suffer this kind of discrimination all the time, simply because their compatriots are idiots.

Anyway, we arrived annd found my landlady was not home. Where was she? Had she left without saying a word, taking my money? I called. And called. And called agian. But she never answered. Then she called. She was in the park with her boy because the weather was so nice. hehehe.

I am looking forward to my new life here. But I am also scared. I guess that is normal. I need to get dressed now. My parents want to see Stratford-upon-Avon. You know, where Shakespeare lived.

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