13 March 2004

It's over

Yay. Had a great night last night in the pub. I asked colleagues from work to come to the pub but that I wouldn't pay their beer. I was actually secretly chuffed with the number of people that showed up. Shame that it stood out like a little sore thumb that there were only 4 friends (who came in pairs of 2) and the rest was colleagues. Sort of shows how much of my life revolves around my work. But I was happy that those friends had gone through the effort of coming from a fair distance away. And, I have to admit that a few friends cancelled because they were on holiday.
Those evenings are nerve wrecking for me. So many peolple and you can not pay attention to all of them.

I got lots of cool presents. Books, CDs, money, a cool little radio with chopsticks(??????) and a really cool t-shirt they had designed for me: a Photoshop picture of the Radio TV West logo, combined with some Finding Nemo pictures.

I had a great night. Much better than a big farewell at work. Now everybody who wanted to drop by came around. And some people at work had already given me cards or little gifts. Interesting how you hear people you never really worked with suddenly tell you how much they will miss you.

I will miss them. I just don't know how much yet. I think that when I have another job, I will start realising that my job is no longer with Radio TV West. And that my colleagues will now either become my friends, or they will fade into the background and filter themselves out. New phases in life are weird.

By the way: I am pulling the plug on the internet today. Anyone who still comes to the site through the wanadoo.nl address: Change it for Pete's sake.

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