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Job hunt

30 March 2004

Went for my second interview yesterday. I felt it all went really well. They apologised for being a little bit weird:) I told them the weirder the better as far as I am concerned. the other job did not happen. I never got the call they proomised me. Oh well, I will hear on Wednesday morning if I get this job. I actually really want it because te people were really nice to me.
Just help me get the job by sending positive energy my way.

I am settling in nicely here. Of course I am bored during the day because I have nothing to do but last Sunday was good. My landlord Cristina is Italian and so is her boyfriend who does not live inthe house buut comes around often. He owns an Italian restaurant in Kennilworth, a town a few miles up the road. He cooked lunch and Cristina invited me and Jane to join them. In true Italian style, they started cooking about 2 hours later than planned so instead of lunch at 1, there was lunch at 3:) Never mind. Gorgeous chicken, copious amounts of wine. It was kinda nice and fammily-like because we all ended up playing fotball in the enormous backgarden with Cristina's little son Michael. I really enjoyed it.

I am aiming at buying a car in 3 months if I get the job. If I get it, I start on Monday and am on 3 months probation. If I pass that, I will buy a car. Yippie. Am feeling like a grown up actually.


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