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10 March 2004

Michael Jackson

*To the tune of Michael Jackson's Bad*

Because I am bored
I'm bored
Really really bored

2 more working days until I get to leave my job. Yippie. I want to go I want to. It is darned hard to stay motivated right now. But being the professional that I am.....ugh.
In the mean time J is being mistreated my her lecturers who piss me off immensely. Giving her worse marks than other peoplewith the exact same answers. How can you ever be expected to learn from your mistakes if they won't even give you your assignments back? Or if they won't discuss your work with you? Sometimes I just want to take her out of University because they treat her badly and make her feel down sometimes. Christ I feel so protective abuot Jane. She must think I am smothering her sometimes.



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