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03 March 2004

Murder and mayhem

Arnold Schwarzenegger is not a fan of legalising gay marriage in America.

Last month on NBC's "Meet the Press," he warned of anarchy and deadly consequences if the San Francisco marriages were not stopped. "All of a sudden we see riots and we see protests and we see people clashing," Schwarzenegger said. "The next thing we know is there are injured or there are dead people, and we don't want to have that."

Right. Well, gay people getting married are usually not rioting so if there will be riots, they will be started by the opposition. Say, the same people who bomb abortion clinics and kill abortion doctors. Great. let's protect those pillars of society. Duh.

By the way, Dolly parton is my new hero. On the Oprah Show, she recently said she was in favour of Gay marriage.

[Tennessee twang ON]

Hell yeah. Why should gay people not suffer like us straight folks!

[Tennessee twang OFF]

Now run out and buy a Dolly album in support. She has all the makings of a gay icon. For the lesbians: she has big tits (that she can do tricks with). For the gay men: she is totally over the top and a dyed blonde.


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