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No job...or...

30 March 2004

I got a call from the employment agency today. I did not get the job I went for. Bugger. The people I talked to thought I would get bored doing that job because they thought I had a lot more in me than Receptionist/Assistant Admin. Right. Ok. I was pissed off because that still left me without a job.
But, said the lady on the phone, they DO want to give you a job in the company because they really like you. So they created a position for you.

What? Like me so much you just create a new job? I guess I must have seriously been underselling myself. The job they created for me is Sales Assistant. Or something flashy like that. It is basicly, if I get it right, a new position. It means I will be assisting the 3 sales people in the company. By being their PA or something along those lines. They have no job description for it yet but I shall get that next week. They also mentioned that they do business with The Netherlands and maybe I oculd do some translation work for them. Fine. The agency said they job is mine as long as I get along with the 3 sales men. They said the company said it had no doubt that I would get on with the men but it is still a formality: I have to meet them. I am meeting them next Tuesday. Oh and did I mention it pays about 3000 a year more aswell?

So I am flattered. However, still not 100% sure of having a job. And having to completely fill a new position feels a little bit daunting to me. But I am flattered. Fingers crossed that I get on with the blokes and I that will have landed myself a stunning job. Yippie!!! Life is only just beginning for me here. But nothing is definate until 6 April next week. I will feel better once the contract is definately signed.

Obviously I am putting other jobs on hold until then. I get calls from agencies for temp work but now I will tell them I am not available until after Tuesday. Like I said: I will only feel happy once I have my contract signed. I am actually scared. My sister does something very very similar. I will ask her for help a fair bit I think. Cool. Help me Big Sister. Help Me.

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