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09 March 2004

Not in my backyard

Just how many garden shows are there on the BBC?

We found that over the seven days up until this Friday (March 12), BBC1 and BBC2 will air a total of 26 hours of lifestyle and gardening shows - the equivalent of an entire day's schedule. [snip]
Over the same period only two shows are devoted to science - BBC2's Horizon, which will take a look at the viewer-friendly Tyrannosaurus Rex at 9pm on Thursday, and Patrick Moore's long-running Sky at Night, placed in a graveyard slot on Monday, which is the only science show on BBC1.

See, I thought I was the only one who got really pissed off with all those stupid shows.

Thank God Sir David Attenborough agrees with me.

Sir David Attenborough said there was "too much concentration on a few genres of programming". Too many populist shows about gardening, said Sir David, speaking on last night's Panorama special about the BBC, and not enough music, drama or science.

Just how many gardening shows are on the BBC? wondered The Buardian. Well, it is shocking. When I see how much time is dedicated to life-style shows, reality shows, wife-swap shows, my blood just boils with rage. Not only because I actually watch them (Hello, my name is Marieke and I watch Life-style programs), but because they are all the bloody same. I only need one Wife Swap. I do not need Mother-in-law Swap, Boss-Swap, Sister Swap, Lover Sawp and Religeon Swap.

Actually, Religeon Swap is a show on Dutch TV. That program is supposed to enhance the understanding between religeons. Personally I think you are a bloody hypocrite if you swap your religeon. Jews and Muslims swapping religeon for a week? Muslims eating pork for a week and praying to God? Catholics praying to Allah 5 times for a weekend? If you give up your deepest beliefs like that, you are not really religeous, you are a hypocrite.


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