11 March 2004


I have tried to resist. But if a Blogroll is about sites you visit on a regular basis, Grouchy Old Cripple deserves to be in it. But don't blame me if you are appalled by the stuff some people post there. It is not even Denny himself. Eventhough I disagree with just about everything he says. And even if I get really sick of him, quite condescendingly, telling me he respects me but that I have been brainwashed by the leftist media, I like him. Because at least he has the decency to answer my questions and argue. Instead of resorting to things like: All lefties live in a dreamworld and are stupid. Or even calling me stupid personally.

Everything right wing people claim lefties to be is to be found there; written by right wing people. So they are rude. They make arguments personal, they live in their own little world, don't address points I raise but mostly assume I am just stupid because I am from Europe. Just the same way they claim lefties dismiss Americans for simply being American.

And still, in a kind of masochistic way, I drop by every day. If only because I believe that visiting the 'opposite side' is useful and teaches you about other people's beliefs. If only more people, from both sides, would bother to do that. I think I would be fine sitting down and having a beer with Denny. But with the rest of his visitors, I am not so sure.

By the way, this site, and a conversation I had with a friend of mine recently, lead me to think why so many key positions in the media the world over are taken by more or less left-wing people. I can see how this is a gripe for a lot of folks. Now I am a leftie so as such I don't really mind. But it is true and honesty tells me to be bothered by it. Because as a journalist, I want my news as objective as possible. Not right, not left. Food for thought. In another post perhaps.

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