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Silence will do

25 March 2004

Just watched the most amazing programme on Channel 4: The boy whose skin fell off, about a boy with EB, a skin disease where the skin doesn't stick to the body and eventually results in skin cancer. The boy, or actually man since he was 36 years old, filmed the last 4 months of his life. Remarkable show of courage. Made me cry. Especially when his mother changed his bandages (he is covered in bandages for about 80% of his body) and it hurt so much he yelled at her, cried in pain and then apologised whilst still crying. The sheer agony he must have gone through. I hope this programme gets sold around the world so that everybody can see it. Truely beautiful and amazing. I was watching it with Jane and her flatmate Kate. When it finished we just sat on the sofa in silence. Beautiful.

But don't believe me. Read the review of the show in The Guardian

Oh, and if you are interested, you can sponsor Nell McAndrew. I never heard of her but this pin-up is going to run the London Marathon in memory of this man, Jonny Kennedy. Go on. Give. Lots. Sponsor her. Raise money. Cure people. Go to the website of Nell or to Debra, the charity that raises money for research into EB.


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