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Too much flesh

31 March 2004

Today I registered with a GP (Doctor). Had a chat with the nurse who took my medical history. Did I smoke (not since I moved here) and did I exercise (not really but reasonably fit). She put me on the scales....................and my life has changed forever.

Until last year, I have always been a healthy 65 kilos if I remember right. I agree that age adds weight. I have a wedding in 3 days and tried on the suit I wore when my sister got married 3 years ago. It still fitted. Only just. Really just.

She put me on the scale and asked me how much I weighed. I said somewhere between 65 and 70. She weighed me in at a not-so-healthy 73.5 kilos!!!! I got off the scales in total shock. Tried to excuse my very heavy boots but she said she had already taken that in to account. Less than 3 hours later, I was sweating in the gym with Jane. We finally got round to joining the local gym. And a good one too: pool, sauna, steam room, loads of classes and unfortunately.........lots of torture machines. I have already noticed that Jane hates it. But I love it. We got an introduction by a bloke who will help us again on Friday morning when Jane sees him at 8.15 (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) for some serious training-tips. I see him at 9.15.

After 50 minutes of training, we went to the pool, hit the bubblebath, sauna and steam room. The best part of it all. We had a light Ceasar Salad for dinner with a lot of fruit afterwards. My new life has started today. I have never felt so fat before in my life. When I was jogging on the treadmill, I could see my thighs and the cellulite wobble in the mirror. It was horrible. I will be slim this summer. I am nearly 30. The Great Fight has started and I will not lose it.


Or I will be in a few months


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