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Adoption shows???

11 April 2004

I have tried to find something online about this but failed. In the British rag (newspaper) Mail on Sunday, I read a story about how in America (where else) adoption agencies put their children on show, like a fashion parade. Along the catwalk are the people who want to adopt a child. The children in need of adoption parade themselves and the people who dare to call themselves parents pick the kid they like best. In the article, a man said that he thought this was a great idea. At least this way he got to see the kids before adopting them and he would be sure they would like eachother. He had seen three brothers and sisters he really liked together but he and his wife weren't sure they really wanted 3 kids in one adoption.

Excuse me? you said what? As far as I am concerned, the people who dare to go to things like this should be immidfeately disqualified as adoptive parents. Maybe that is a good way of selecting adoptive parents: send everyone who is on a list for (domestic) adoption a letter, inviting them to the Adoption Fashion Show. Those who actually show up are immideately disqualified as adoptive parents.

I wonder how the kids feel whgen they don't get picked. What do they think these kids are? Dogs? Pets? It is disgusting, completely disgusting. And American of course. Now why do those two things go together so often?