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Israel fights against terrorists?

11 April 2004

Frequent readers of this blog will know about my anger at the way Israel thinks it can ruin the lives of innocent Palestinians. Constantly I get comments of people telling me Israel is only defending itself and that killling Palestinians and flattening their houses is a legitimate way of defending themselves. To all those people I would like to say: please tell me what you think of this next bit from an article in a British newspaper this week (and you are not allowed to say these soldiers were an exception because you bloody well know they are not)

Assala, 11, was shut in the smallest room of her home with her parents and brothers and sister - including a newborn baby - whiile Israeli soldiers searched the apartment, looking for weapons (they found nothing). First they knocked. When Assala's father answered, he held the door open for the soldiers to come in, but they said they preferred to make their own entrance and blasted a six-foot hole through the wall instead. They scattered the family's sacks of rice, sugar and flour all over the floor before pouring the cooking oil over it and throwing the family's clothes into the resulting mess. The soldiers had free access to the bathroom, but chose instead to defecate in the living room and in some of the cooking pots, using the new baby's clothes to clean themselves. it took Assala's family weeks to clean up.

Anyone still wondering why Palestinians hate the Israelis. Or Americans who support Israel? I am not wondering about it anymore. I stopped wondering about it long ago. And all of you who keep saying that Israel is right and Palestinians are wrong and that these soldiers are merely an exception: you are so naive that you shouldn't even be allowed to talk about politics.