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New Job

15 April 2004

I know, I know. You have all been waiting for news on my new job. Well, maybe not waiting really but at least some of you have been wondering. Right? Please tell me you have or else I feel like nobody cares......

The job I have is a completely new role. There never was anybody in this role in this company. It is all kind of flattering really. I went for the job as receptionist bit they thought I would get bored with that and need other opportunities. So they thought of another role they could give me in their business. They were thinking of bringing in a Sales Administrator/Coordinator in a few months. But when I came along, apparently they decided I was the perfect person for that job. And rather than missing out on the chance of hiring me, they decided to tell their Sales Team to get their act together because a Sales Administrator would start in 3 days, rather than 3 months. Hence there is no desk, computer, phone or even proper job description for me here. But that is fine by me. This way, they won't be able to compare me to a previous person in the same role. And I can take on as much as I think I want or can do.

The sales team consist of 3 Sales Managers and me. We are in a separate office at the end of the hall and sometimes all 3 managers are out for the day and I am all alone. Like yesterday. And today. And that is a bit of a pain when I don't know what my job is exactly.

One of the things I will be responsible for is coming up with a way of storing our sales data in a such a way that it makes sense to everyone and that everyone can find all the information quickly. At the moment, everybody stores letters, mail or tender locally or partly on a central server. Clients have no reference numbers so if you are searching for a particular document, it is a pain to find it. I have some thoughts about this but after only being here for 2 days, I am not going to tell them what they are yet. Need to get to know the business a little bit better first.

In the end, the idea is that I am the central point of the Sales department. I should know their every move, know where to find every document and have a whole load of other responsibilities. Example: they will in the end give me the numbers for a quote and tell me to put it together into a good looking document with nice pictures. So over the next few weeks I will learn how to put quotes together, how to write standard letters (I have to come up with that standard myself by the way) etc. I will also be responsible for the customers when they call in. Do they need a sales manager or can I help them with their question? I will need to judge if it is a potential sale or simply a request for general information. And if I send them information, I will be responsible for following it up and if there is interest, pass it on to the Sales managers. So, quite a large responsibility. But I think I might like it. Stay tuned.

Oh, and for those who want to know where I work and what we sell: I am not telling you. I quite like my job I think and I will not disclose any juicy secrets or business deal.