18 April 2004

Poor Posh

When your husband shags other women, you would think the people around you feel sorry for you and agree that your husband is a total and utter bastard. Not Victoria Beckham. Since (Dutch) woman Rebecca Loos came out with scandlous accusations that she shagged David Beckham, more and more people blame this on Posh Spice. She is such a cold bitch that is only makes sense David shagged someone else. And I am not alone in thinking this.
"If every woman who even felt a shred of sympathy for Victoria gave a tenner, there'd be enough to buy a cheap handbag," wrote British columnist Amanda Platell.

Ouch, that must have hurt. But why? Ihate Psh to bits. I think she is a cow who has no idea of when to stop. NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR SHIT MUSIC SO STOP TRYING. Victoria Beckham's many detractors cannot understand why the former Victoria Adams would be so relentlessly chasing a pop career while failing to recognise that she's relatively unencumbered by talent or ability.

You won't hear me saying that she deserves a cheating husband. Nobody does. But I still think she is a stupid cow and I hope she will divorce David Beckham, get lots of money from him and dissapear off the face of the earth. Bye bye. Good riddens to bad rubbish. There is enough bad music out there. And there are enough cold, bitchy, Noveau Riche women out there. We don't need you.

Now please tell me why YOU hate Victoria.
Although hate is too big a word. She annoys me. At least David can actually do something brilliant. She can't. She plays the media (the pictures of her and David in the snow were totally arranged by a paparazzi-friend) and thinks we don't see right through her. gh.