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I've got work!

07 April 2004

You are now speaking to an employed woman. I have been offered the jjob I went for yesterday. Good. But their salary offer was a lot lower than what they promised me (through the employment agency)the first time. Either way, I feel in no position to negociate and so I have now got a job. Cool. Am scared shitless though. What if I can't do it? They said they really liked me and that they think I can really grow in the company. But...................we'll see how i get on.

Also managed to open a bankaccount today. I got my NHS Card with my address on it. That was enough for Lloyds TSB to give me their most basic account. So no overdraft, no cash abroad and only using their own cash machines. And they might review this in a year's time!! Bloody hell. How hard do they want to make it for people to get a life here? I have no right to a mortgage for at least 3 years. Well, not through them anyway. Maybe another bannk. As soon as I can, I will leave Lloyds for a bank that WILL give me better facilities. Arghh.....

Tonight my darling Jane and I will go out for dinner and celebrate.


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