30 May 2004

Still proud

Went to Birmingham Pride yesterday. Have not been to a Pride anywhere for a few years. This one was kind of fun. However, I do wonder if I am not past the marching down the street tellingeveryone I am a lesbian.
I saw a nice t-shirt that said:"I used to be a cute tomboy, now I am a full-blown lesbian". I thought: Cool. And then I realiesed I would never wear it. When I was just coming out, I would have worn such a t-shirt to school. But now, I would feel very uncomfortable wearing it. Why should I declare my sexuality to other people? People I don't know? Do straight people walk around with such t-shirts to declare their straightness? I guess when I was younger, I needed to belang somewhere, I needed to show people who I was because I was nothing yet. Now I am someone, I am ME. ANd I don't need to show people I belong to any particular group.
But that does not mean I did not like the fact that for a whole day I could just hold hands and cuddle with J. without being stared at.

Slogan of the day: Heterosexuality is not normal, it is just common"

28 May 2004


Damn! That was wonderful sex last night. And I bet you don't want to know about it. Good. Because I am not telling you.
Anyway, back to work. Work is going fabulous. Well, not fabulous but it is getting better and better. I am pleased with it. TOday my boss sent me a mail saying he and the team are really happy with the work I do. Good. his pleases me. They are a very nice team. However, I have to remember that I did not set out to do this job forever when moving to England. I was giong to take the first job on offer and see from there. But now that I actually LIKE the job I am in, I might change my mind. But this sounds very attractive. I could be tempted but I would need to hurry up. For the moment, things are going well. Shame my sister could not stay a little longer by the way. It was good to have her and mer hubby over. Thanks for the cheese again!!

24 May 2004

The Bunny is back

Not sure if the bunny is to blame for this page loading so slowly but there you have it: once again there is a Bunny on the site.
What a weekend....my sister and her Italian husband visited me this weekend. Cool but exhausting. See, My sister speaks Dutch, English and Italian. S, my brother in law, speaks Italian and a reasonable amount of Dutch. I speak Dutch and English and J. only speaks English but understands a lot of Dutch aswell. So, between us, there was not a single language that we all spoke. So there was loads of translating going on all the time. We went to Stratford and almost fell out of a rowing boat when S. tried to pick up the paddle that I dropped. We must have come within an inch of the boat turning over. People on the canacl were laughing their heads off and so were we. Mind you, it wuold have been a nice warm day for a swim so no problem there. But it would have been a waste of my sister's new silver necklace.

And on a more serious note: we (my landlady and I) had a very serious letter frm the TV License people. THey announced they would visit us in the next few days to check our license (We don't have one) and that we are liable for a 1000 pound fine. Damn. But J. is fabulous. She was in my house and opened the letter, called me to say she was on her way to the ost Office to get us a license right away. She is so cute and useful. She has probably saved me and C. 1000 pounds. I would say she deserves a pat on the back.


19 May 2004

New look

Just like the rest of the blogging world, I have taken advantage of the new Blogger-templates. THey are kind of cool. I like my new one. Does not mean my BunnyFactor10 lay-out has gone for good though. I will be tweaking it to see if I can incorporate the best of both worlds. I erally liked my custom-made design (Thank you Tom).
Blogging at work is impossible because..well...I need to work. And because the internet is so slow, it is not worth the wait anyway.

On the exciting front: I am planning to buy a car tomorrow. A 12-year old Citroen ZX. Cool runner according to my friend who is an automotive engineer. Hopefully I can afford the insurance. I will call them to get a quoet for it first thing in the morning. I NEED a car since I have decided to get sick of being driven by either J. or...erhm...another J. It pisses me off that I am not independant. The car should enable me to do more than go to work and come home. Yippie. Will let you knwo if I get it!!!!

15 May 2004


Let me tell you people out there: The Eurovision voting system sucks. I hope they go back to a professional jury next year. It is no fun knowing who will vote for who. It should be about the song, not about who is your neighbour.

12 May 2004


On a completely different note....
We all know when we are young that we do not want to end up like our parents. We all say I will never do xyz like my parents did. I mean, my mother could not say anythign more scary to me than: "When I was your age, I used to have the figure you have now." And I would say that it was not possible that I would ever have the figure my mother has now. Not that my mother is fat mind you. She just looks like your average 50+ woman who enjoys her food and a good glass of wine.
Hang on, that sounds like me....apart from the 50+ bit of course.
In the past 3 years I have gained almost 1 stone (6 kilos) and my skin has become flabby. Yuk. So I go to the gym. And I manage to loose a measly little bit of weight because I don't go often enough to make a real difference. But it does not change the fact that I suffer from that thing that Lady Diana (RIP) suffered from, to the horror of the English tabloids: CELLULITE!!!! I know every woman gets it eventually (except dancers apparently) but it still sucks. The thought that I can diet and slim and tone as much as I want but I will still look old and flabby is not a very positive thought. Or is it a motivating one. I guess I just don't like my body getting older.
Or maybe I don't like my mother being right after all.......

Too long

Too long

Back again. Time for an update on my fabulous life I would think.
Work is progressing slowly. I am learning more and more about this business. Yesterday I went to my first ever work exhibition: The Facilities Show in Birmingham. Massive massive hall. Must have walked 2 miles to even get to the bloody hall. My feet were killing me at the end of the day. But I learned lots.
In fact, the were 4 exhibitions at the same time and I could walk into each of them: Health and Safety at Work, Security, Police and Facilities. Especially the Police one and the Security one were sexy. The Police Exhibition had lots of nifty police gear: body armour, self-defence classes, latest baton models etc. The Security one had a lot of cool features. CCTV Cameras, access control, lots of High Tech gear. And of course: a lot of corporate freebies. Mugs, pens, lots of pens, mouse mats, a football, keyrings, earplugs (???) and so on. I was a little disappointed with the quality of the freebies. It is obvious that the economy is not doing all that well.....
Business is a funny thing. I am a stranger to the whole Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours-idea is srtange to me. It is a world of Knowing people and get them to know you and if they like you they might do business with you. I will have to get used to that.

I am missing my old job a little these days. Now that I am all nice and settled, I can see how cool it actually is to work in the media:) Oh well, I suppose the more confidence I get in my current job, the better I will feel about doing something else than media. I guess what I miss most is coming to work and knowing my responsibilities and tasks. I could go about my business without constantly having to ask others for things to do or permission.

02 May 2004


I know I know. My most loyal fans have been waiting for this update.......

It is Bank Holiday weekend here. This means I have Monday off as well. Niiiice. Weather is good. Very good actually. Been quite a stressful few days. As mentioned before, a colleague (and my ride to work!!) got fired on Thursday. I was fretting a little about my own job. She got the job I initially went for but they decided I would be better suited for something else. I think that if I had been in the initial job, I would have been fired as well. No details but there is some office chemistry that seems to invade everything. And if I had been sitting where she sat, I probably would have been fired for talking too much and a clash of character as well....

Anyway, the Managing Director called me in to his office to reassure me they are very happy with the work I am doing and there is nothing to worry about. But I was also worried that people would think I was very upset about my 'friend' being fired. But to me, that is a professional thing that needs to be separated from whatever I feel personally about it.

In the mean time, my shoulder is hurting. I fear it might be the joint, rather than the muscle. That is obviously quite a worry.

Got my first paycheck and feel quite cool. Got my UK drivers license. I did not really want to exchange my Dutch one but I rally had to get SOME form of official ID with my English address on it. And the only thing I could get my hands on was a drivers license. So no Tuesday I will go and try to open a real bank account. Because the one I have no only allows me to get money out of a machine from my own bank. And I can not pay in the shops with it. Humbug.

Speaking of paying in shops: Britain is introducing Chip and PIN. The rest of Europe has adopted this safe system years ago but we all know britain thinks Europe sucks. So they still pay with their bankcard/debit card by signing for it. FRAUD!!!!! So now they are getting new cards with Chip and PIN. But they don't have a fucking clue what to do with it. I hear d a story this week about a shop owner who attached the PIN machine to the wall BEHIND the counter and when his customers wanted to pay simply asked them for their PIN so he could enter the PIN number. HELLO!! Stupid!!!!

Some more things to blog but will do that another time. About being lonely, being happy and needing to spread one's wings. Might go and join a sports team. To meet some more people.