24 May 2004

The Bunny is back

Not sure if the bunny is to blame for this page loading so slowly but there you have it: once again there is a Bunny on the site.
What a weekend....my sister and her Italian husband visited me this weekend. Cool but exhausting. See, My sister speaks Dutch, English and Italian. S, my brother in law, speaks Italian and a reasonable amount of Dutch. I speak Dutch and English and J. only speaks English but understands a lot of Dutch aswell. So, between us, there was not a single language that we all spoke. So there was loads of translating going on all the time. We went to Stratford and almost fell out of a rowing boat when S. tried to pick up the paddle that I dropped. We must have come within an inch of the boat turning over. People on the canacl were laughing their heads off and so were we. Mind you, it wuold have been a nice warm day for a swim so no problem there. But it would have been a waste of my sister's new silver necklace.

And on a more serious note: we (my landlady and I) had a very serious letter frm the TV License people. THey announced they would visit us in the next few days to check our license (We don't have one) and that we are liable for a 1000 pound fine. Damn. But J. is fabulous. She was in my house and opened the letter, called me to say she was on her way to the ost Office to get us a license right away. She is so cute and useful. She has probably saved me and C. 1000 pounds. I would say she deserves a pat on the back.


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