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02 May 2004

I know I know. My most loyal fans have been waiting for this update.......

It is Bank Holiday weekend here. This means I have Monday off as well. Niiiice. Weather is good. Very good actually. Been quite a stressful few days. As mentioned before, a colleague (and my ride to work!!) got fired on Thursday. I was fretting a little about my own job. She got the job I initially went for but they decided I would be better suited for something else. I think that if I had been in the initial job, I would have been fired as well. No details but there is some office chemistry that seems to invade everything. And if I had been sitting where she sat, I probably would have been fired for talking too much and a clash of character as well....

Anyway, the Managing Director called me in to his office to reassure me they are very happy with the work I am doing and there is nothing to worry about. But I was also worried that people would think I was very upset about my 'friend' being fired. But to me, that is a professional thing that needs to be separated from whatever I feel personally about it.

In the mean time, my shoulder is hurting. I fear it might be the joint, rather than the muscle. That is obviously quite a worry.

Got my first paycheck and feel quite cool. Got my UK drivers license. I did not really want to exchange my Dutch one but I rally had to get SOME form of official ID with my English address on it. And the only thing I could get my hands on was a drivers license. So no Tuesday I will go and try to open a real bank account. Because the one I have no only allows me to get money out of a machine from my own bank. And I can not pay in the shops with it. Humbug.

Speaking of paying in shops: Britain is introducing Chip and PIN. The rest of Europe has adopted this safe system years ago but we all know britain thinks Europe sucks. So they still pay with their bankcard/debit card by signing for it. FRAUD!!!!! So now they are getting new cards with Chip and PIN. But they don't have a fucking clue what to do with it. I hear d a story this week about a shop owner who attached the PIN machine to the wall BEHIND the counter and when his customers wanted to pay simply asked them for their PIN so he could enter the PIN number. HELLO!! Stupid!!!!

Some more things to blog but will do that another time. About being lonely, being happy and needing to spread one's wings. Might go and join a sports team. To meet some more people.