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12 May 2004

On a completely different note....
We all know when we are young that we do not want to end up like our parents. We all say I will never do xyz like my parents did. I mean, my mother could not say anythign more scary to me than: "When I was your age, I used to have the figure you have now." And I would say that it was not possible that I would ever have the figure my mother has now. Not that my mother is fat mind you. She just looks like your average 50+ woman who enjoys her food and a good glass of wine.
Hang on, that sounds like me....apart from the 50+ bit of course.
In the past 3 years I have gained almost 1 stone (6 kilos) and my skin has become flabby. Yuk. So I go to the gym. And I manage to loose a measly little bit of weight because I don't go often enough to make a real difference. But it does not change the fact that I suffer from that thing that Lady Diana (RIP) suffered from, to the horror of the English tabloids: CELLULITE!!!! I know every woman gets it eventually (except dancers apparently) but it still sucks. The thought that I can diet and slim and tone as much as I want but I will still look old and flabby is not a very positive thought. Or is it a motivating one. I guess I just don't like my body getting older.
Or maybe I don't like my mother being right after all.......


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