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New look

19 May 2004

Just like the rest of the blogging world, I have taken advantage of the new Blogger-templates. THey are kind of cool. I like my new one. Does not mean my BunnyFactor10 lay-out has gone for good though. I will be tweaking it to see if I can incorporate the best of both worlds. I erally liked my custom-made design (Thank you Tom).
Blogging at work is impossible because..well...I need to work. And because the internet is so slow, it is not worth the wait anyway.

On the exciting front: I am planning to buy a car tomorrow. A 12-year old Citroen ZX. Cool runner according to my friend who is an automotive engineer. Hopefully I can afford the insurance. I will call them to get a quoet for it first thing in the morning. I NEED a car since I have decided to get sick of being driven by either J. or...erhm...another J. It pisses me off that I am not independant. The car should enable me to do more than go to work and come home. Yippie. Will let you knwo if I get it!!!!


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