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28 May 2004

Damn! That was wonderful sex last night. And I bet you don't want to know about it. Good. Because I am not telling you.
Anyway, back to work. Work is going fabulous. Well, not fabulous but it is getting better and better. I am pleased with it. TOday my boss sent me a mail saying he and the team are really happy with the work I do. Good. his pleases me. They are a very nice team. However, I have to remember that I did not set out to do this job forever when moving to England. I was giong to take the first job on offer and see from there. But now that I actually LIKE the job I am in, I might change my mind. But this sounds very attractive. I could be tempted but I would need to hurry up. For the moment, things are going well. Shame my sister could not stay a little longer by the way. It was good to have her and mer hubby over. Thanks for the cheese again!!


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