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Still proud

30 May 2004

Went to Birmingham Pride yesterday. Have not been to a Pride anywhere for a few years. This one was kind of fun. However, I do wonder if I am not past the marching down the street tellingeveryone I am a lesbian.
I saw a nice t-shirt that said:"I used to be a cute tomboy, now I am a full-blown lesbian". I thought: Cool. And then I realiesed I would never wear it. When I was just coming out, I would have worn such a t-shirt to school. But now, I would feel very uncomfortable wearing it. Why should I declare my sexuality to other people? People I don't know? Do straight people walk around with such t-shirts to declare their straightness? I guess when I was younger, I needed to belang somewhere, I needed to show people who I was because I was nothing yet. Now I am someone, I am ME. ANd I don't need to show people I belong to any particular group.
But that does not mean I did not like the fact that for a whole day I could just hold hands and cuddle with J. without being stared at.

Slogan of the day: Heterosexuality is not normal, it is just common"


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