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Too long

12 May 2004

Too long

Back again. Time for an update on my fabulous life I would think.
Work is progressing slowly. I am learning more and more about this business. Yesterday I went to my first ever work exhibition: The Facilities Show in Birmingham. Massive massive hall. Must have walked 2 miles to even get to the bloody hall. My feet were killing me at the end of the day. But I learned lots.
In fact, the were 4 exhibitions at the same time and I could walk into each of them: Health and Safety at Work, Security, Police and Facilities. Especially the Police one and the Security one were sexy. The Police Exhibition had lots of nifty police gear: body armour, self-defence classes, latest baton models etc. The Security one had a lot of cool features. CCTV Cameras, access control, lots of High Tech gear. And of course: a lot of corporate freebies. Mugs, pens, lots of pens, mouse mats, a football, keyrings, earplugs (???) and so on. I was a little disappointed with the quality of the freebies. It is obvious that the economy is not doing all that well.....
Business is a funny thing. I am a stranger to the whole Scratch my back and I'll scratch yours-idea is srtange to me. It is a world of Knowing people and get them to know you and if they like you they might do business with you. I will have to get used to that.

I am missing my old job a little these days. Now that I am all nice and settled, I can see how cool it actually is to work in the media:) Oh well, I suppose the more confidence I get in my current job, the better I will feel about doing something else than media. I guess what I miss most is coming to work and knowing my responsibilities and tasks. I could go about my business without constantly having to ask others for things to do or permission.


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