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16 June 2004

Oh dear. THey have upgraded the internet connection at work. Now I can blog from there as well. Not good, not good. But since it is lunch time now......

The Netherlands scraped a draw from the match against Germany yesterday. Quite crap if you ask me. I have no expectations of this Dutch team. They are shite and most of all, the coach does not know what he wants. A major tournament is NOT the time to try out a different system for your team to play. You do that in the run up. But hey, we lost to Belgium and Ireland in the run-up to Euro 2004. Yes, 2 countries that are not even IN the tournament. A good start you would think. Not.

And still, I will watch every match, clad in Orange, cheering them on and cry if they win the European Championships. Which they won't. Thank god some of the older players are retiring after this tournament. I don't mind not winning prizes for a few years if it means giving the young lads time to grow and learn, only to become stronger once they get down to the Real Thing.

Now for some lunch.


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