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30 June 2004

Semi-final tonight. Will be beat Portugal? I don’t think so but one can only hope. I will be in Holland this weekend so if we do make the final, it will be fabulous to be amongst Dutch people watching it. I vividly remember 1988 when we won it.  It was a special night. Everyone who had anything orange ran on to the street. I remember waving an orange ashtray around for the whole time. It was the only thing I could find.....apart from the bed sheet that I wrapped myself in that was also orange.........


It would be so cool if we won it again. But hey, I am having a great time with the Czech Republic. I ‘have’ them in the office sweepstake so I am already making money. £20 if they get the title. Not bad really.


I know, too much football on this website and not enough useful and informative posting. Well, here’s a snippet of info for you: J. and I are hopefully signing the rent for our wonderful little flat on Wednesday. Finally I will be moving in with J. Yippie. No more sharing with good friends. But my own place. Decorated to my own taste. Luckily enough, J. and I have a very similar taste in decoration.......


Now for this meeting....


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