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12 June 2004

J's exams have almost finished. Only one more and she is doing it at this very moment. Yes indeed, on a Saturday. How cruel is that? Anyway, I am immensely proud of her and I am glad itis over. Next year she will start the business part of her maths and Business course and no more nasty maths. I hope next year she and I can actually talk about what she does in university without me throwing a fit because I don't understand maths.

Anyway. To celebrate, went out and bought her a present. What??!! I hear you ask. Tell us what you bought your girl!! Well........ I bought her a Bialetti Coffee Maker. My Italian brother-in-law introduced them into my family and now that I live with an Italian landlady (coincidence huh?) Jane has come to knwo them aswell and she loves her tiny little cup of Espresso. I hate coffee but I love making Jane happy. So I went out and bought her a Bialetti all for herself. And some coffee. And 2 tiny espresso cups. Oh, and of course a ring for on the gas cooker so she can use it everywhere.

We are also hunting for a place to live next year. Or rather, next academic year so that would be from August on. I am feeling totally cool and confident about the living together thing and I am sooo looking forward to it. But renting here seems to be quite stressful. They need a credit check for the past 3 years but they can not do one for me since I haev not lived her for more than 2 months. So maybe or maybe not we can rent something in uor joint names. Otherwise J's parents will have to be guarantors for both of us and I would really like to aviod that happening. Independence baby yeah!!
We spotted a nice basement flat not far fmo town centre for a mere 500 pounds a month. Much lighter than we thought it would be ut still unmistakably a basement flat. It is big, in a lovely street, close to town centre. Basically, we want it. I can see us living there. I can see this whole life-thing going well for me here. Yeah. I am a happy bunny at the moment.

Now for those salary negociations......


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