23 June 2004

Trial Post

Oh how I love this new Blogger e-mail posting feature. Now I can post without having to open Internet Explorer (which is heavily monitored here......) Tonight Holland (or actually, The Netherlands!) play Latvia. And tonight we hope Germany loose to the Czech Republic. But I don’t have a lot of hope to be honest. But please, let’s go out fighting. That match here is shown on ITV1 and the Holland match is shown on ITV2. Problem: You can only get ITV2 if you have digital TV. Bugger. Solution: J.’s parents have digital TV. So I am leaving work a little early today to make the 1 hour drive to my parents in law so we can watch the game. I am taking my world reciever radio with me so I can hear Dutch radio. Geez I am nervous. I have not given up hope just yet. All depends on the Czech Republic. They promised to do their sportive duty. But what if Germany score 10 minutes before time? Will they still go and give a little extra energy to achieve a draw that is no use to them? I don’t think so. So the important thing is for them to score 2 or 3 goals really early on in the match.


Go Holland. And oh, sack the coach. Regardless of the result. If Arjan Robben plays badly tonight, Advocaat will use that to get his own back. He will say: See, Arjan was not ready for a full match yet, I was right to take him off.

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