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We made it

24 June 2004

SO we made it through. We will play Sweden in the quarter finals on Saturday. Last night was the most nerve wrecking night I can remember in a long time. Radio no my ear to listen to the Holland-Latvia match and watching Germany-Czech Republic on TV. We drove to J's parents to be able to watch Holland play but I soon realised they would win their match so it was more important to watch Germany loose theirs. Killing. Knowing that no matter how good you play, it depends on an other team if you go through. But thank God the Czech Republic went for the victory, even though they did not need it.

My reward? A Dutch football shirt that J. is getting me. The nice white away-strip. Cool.
Yes. I am opportunistic: if Holland loose, it is 'they'. If they win, it is 'we'. That's life.


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