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28 July 2004

I am all in favour of freedom of speech. I also believe that people should always take the trouble of reading what people with a different opinion think about issues. So for a long time, I have linked in my Blogroll to http://www.grouchyoldcripple.com. I disagree with EVERYTHING he says and I mostly despise the things he writes on his blog because they are not just biased, some of them I consider to be so far-fetched that it hurts me to read it. But I have always found his posts interesting to read, if only because they showed me another side to the same medal.

Denny has always been kind to me and treated me with respect, eventhough he completely disagrees with my views. However, with the American elections coming in November, he seems to have shifted up a gear.  There is no longer the slightest hint of any kind of willingness to look at things from any other angle than his own. Calling Democrats stupid, fuckwits, bastards and whatever else you can throw at them, simply for being Democrats just doesn't do it for me.

I think Bush is an idiot but that doens't make all Republicans idiots. I think Michael Moore has made a propaganda film, not a documentary...so hey, we agree on something there. But I still agree with Moore's general point: Bush is bad for America and for the world. But that does not make me blind for the errors he makes in his latest movie.

Anyway, it is with great sadness that I have decided to remove Grouchy Old Cripple from my Blogroll. The way things are completely taken out of context and twisted has become too much for me to read. And I just do not want anyone to think I endorse Denny's views in any shape or form. Or that I endorse the way he expresses them. Because that is the main problem: I don't have any problem with his views as such. But the way he expresses them grates immensely.

There is never one side completely right. And the way it now seems that Democrats are bastards and Republicans, or at least the Bush administration, are saints is just ridiculous.

To the well-off Democrats who disagree with tax cus for the rich, he simply says: You don't HAVE to accept the cuts, just take out your chequebook and donate the extra money to poor people. 
That is a completely non-sensical argument.  In fact, it IS not even an argument.

All there is to read there now is Ad-Hominem. And I HATE that. Because it serves no purpose.

There, I am feeling better now.

Denny: this is nothing personal, you have always been kind and have defended my right to speak on your site, even when you disagree with me.


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