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...waiting on a sunny afternoon

16 July 2004

(after The Kinks of course)
I was warned before I moved and indeed: English summers are total crap. Have not seen any summer here yet. Apart from a few weeks (!!) of nice weather in May, summer is a rainy affair here on this island. Dutch summers are probably just as bad but MY GOD the English are a bunch of whiners! They are only happy when they have something to moan about: Europe, English sports (Tim Henman did NOT win Wimbledon, England did NOT win the european Football Cup, England will NOT win the Golf this week, the Athletics team has NO chance of a Gold medal in Athens.....moan, moan, moan, moan!!!!!) and of course The Weather.
Tabloids are moaning hardest in times like this: there is no news so the weather fills pages of newspaper.  Even more than it normally does. If the weather is sunny and hot, lots of naked chicks pose for The Sun or the Daily Express. Now we get shots of empty beaches and headlines like "Book a Hans-free Holiday" (an article that encourages English people to go Spain because Germans can not afford a holiday due to bad economic times)
I should be home by now but I am supposed to get a lift from a colleague. Unfortunately she has to work VERY late. Oh, actually, she is packing her bags as I write this. I might just be lucky and leave only an hour late!!! Have a great weekend all of you.
And send me loads of positive energy because I have my appraisal on Monday!!


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