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We are moving!!

08 July 2004

I feel like a grown up now. Today J. and I have signed the lease for our flat. We are moving in together!! On my birthday next month. Quite a birthday present hey!! I am totally excited by all this. My own place. With my girlfriend. Our own furniture, our own stuff. No flatmates, just us. Close to town centre and a nice big livingroom.

I can not WAIT to move. It is totally cool. But scary too. No longer can I tell J. to stay at her own place when I am tired or after a fight. Joint bank accounts, joint shopping, joint insurance.....JOINT AT THE HIP!!

Went back to Holland this weekend. Brought back loads of Dutch cheese *grin*.
I don't really miss Holland although I did feel a slight regret when I was on the tram in The Hague on my way to Radio TV West. That visit was good for my ego as loads of old colleagues came to say hello and that they missed me:) Good. That will show them how much they took me for granted all this time. Actually that is not true. I have never felt taken for granted by my closest colleagues. So yes, I do miss working there. But that is not the same as regretting moving to England. I enjoy my life here. I get respect and appreciation at my job and that is worth a lot. My team leader is behind me in everything I do for the company and that means a lot too.

I am only getting started here!!


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