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11 August 2004

Sorry guys. I have been very very busy with moving house. I am now
officially a grown-up: I have moved in with my girlfriend whom I will
now have to find another name for. Girlfriend sounds so semi-permanent.
Wife sounds too possessive. Partner sounds like I am trying to be
gender-neutral so as not to give away the sex of my partner. (Closet gay
guys use this a lot. If you ever hear a guy talk about his 'partner', I
would be careful when trying to chat him up girls. Chances are he is

Anyway, it has been an eventful past few days. I had my birthday
yesterday. Kind of special to wake up in a new home for the first time
on your birthday. Of course most of the day consisted of decorating the
house, clearing out more boxes and playing with the ultimate Lesbian
Vibrating Tool: The Power Drill.

Ha!! I bet you were thinking that I was going to say something
completely different. Go wash your mouth because that is a disgusting
thought! I am a delicate woman and I would never use words like the ones
you just thought of.

The trips we made to Ikea warrant a complete post of their own but I can
describe it quickly in one word: HELL!!! But our house now is a
wonderful showcase of the variety Ikea can offer a budding adult who is
just branching out into a new life in her own flat. The only difference
really is that Ikea (and everything else) is about 50% more expensive in
the UK than it is in The Netherlands and mainland Europe.

Anyway, Here's my post to keep you all quiet again for a while. There is
more to come but I will need to get internet first.


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