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Olympics are upon us

18 August 2004

The first few days of the Olpympics are always great for The Netherlands. We have the swimming, cycling and Judo. We are good at that. The second half of the Games with the track and field...not so good.

But at the moment, we are ranked 13th in the overall medal table and Great Britain is only 26!! yay!! We have 4 Bronze (2 for swimming, 2 for Judo), 3 Silver (1 for Judo, 2 for Swimming) and 1 Gold (Women's time trial Cycling).
Especially the cycling one made me sad not to be at home. Leontien van Moorsel is The Netherlands' best cyclist ever. She won 3 Gold and 1 Silver last time in Sydney. She is 34 and decided to put off having kids until after the Athens Games, to be able to go full on one more time. She has battled with Anorexia when she tried to be as light as possible to help her get over the mountains during the Tour de France.

And on Sunday, when she was in prime position to win her first Gold of these games for Road Race, she fell 2 laps before the end. From my sofa in England, I could almost hear the collective gasps of breath in Dutch living rooms. Tinus bounced on the concrete and hit her head......

She did not try to get back on her bike. She just sat there. I had tears in my eyes and I cursed so loud in Dutch, the neighbours must have heard me. Get up Tinus, GET UP!!!
And then I just wanted her to be OK. But she didn't get up. She was obviously dazed and confused. I later called my dad to get an update on how Tinus was: Not so good. COncussion, bruises, scratches, probably not defending her title in the Time Trials on Wednesday, probably the end of her carreer......

Poor woman. But on Tuesday, she said she was going to do time trial.
And she won it.

I am crying. But mainly because I can not see it on TV. Or hear it on the radio. Or listen to it online...because the dutch broadcaster does not have the rights to broadcast the Olympics on-line. Humbug!!

Go Tinus Go!!!


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