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Sexual abuse is an industrial accident.....

20 August 2004

It is a way of looking at it:

The Catholic Church in Rotterdam has sued its insurance company because
they refused to pay a claim.
In 2000, a priest of the Rotterdam diocese was found guilty of abusing a
12-year old girl. The church had to pay 53 thousand Euros in damages.
The church wanted the insurance company to pay that money. On what

They claimed the abuse was covered by their corporate liability
insurance. They say it is a work-related accident, just like if someone
had accidentally burnt a church down. Or if a priest had accidentally
made someone ill by giving him stale bread.
Absurd? Not in the least according to the church. They say that being a
priest makes you prone to this kind of 'accidents'. After all, you are
frequently placed in a position of trust with young people who are
easily influenced. This enlarges the risk of the church-staff making a
mistake. And since industrial accidents are covered by liability
insurance, the abuse settlement should be covered by the "company's"
liability insurance.

What the fuck?????

The Catholic Church could do with a good Marketing Director who will
explain them the PR damage here far exceeds the 53 thousand Euros they
had to pay out in a settlement to the victim.


Peter said...

Well I've heard of some weird claims for industrial accidents compensation, but I think this one is just plain ridiculous.

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