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02 August 2004

I am a happy bunny.
I had a great weekend away with Jane. We jumped in the car on Saturday morning to go to Newcastle. We went away to watch Feyenoord play a pre-season mini tournament with Glasgow Rangers, Sporting Lisbon and Newcastle United.

Newcastle is about 4 hours driving from where I live but since Feyenoord were playing 2 matches, 1 Saturday and 1 Sunday, we decided it would be good fun to go. We went there and found out there was no place to sleep anywhere in Newcastle that we could afford. Right. Great planning, Not. A lesson learned: In English football, there is no such thing as a friendly that does not matter much. Every match matters. All hostels in Newcastle were full because Glasgow Rangers had brought 15 thousand fans!!! So even during the first match on Saturday, J. and I did not yet know where we were going to be sleeping that night.

Feyenoord lost the match and I was a little disappointed with the small number of Feyenoord supporters. Only about 200. Eventually we found a place to stay, 90 minutes outside Newcastle. We ended up sleeping ina very basic hostel, closer to Scotland than to Newcastle. And while the entire country was baking in the heat, we were shivering and it was raining. Remind me never to move to anywhere above Newcastle. But what a beautiful scenery!! Wonderful landscape, well worth the long drive to get there and back.

On Sunday the 200 Feyenoord fans tried to out-scream the 15,000 Glasgow Rangers fans. Needless to say we failed. Never mind. The football was a little boring but I was glad that we went. I miss going to Feyenoord really badly. Eventhough I no longer live in The Netherlands, I still have a season ticket to Feyenoord. That way I can visit them when I come over for a weekend!!

I should pick a Premier League team to support but tickets here are so expensive, it is no fun to go really.

In the mean time, for the first time in a few seasons, there is a real buzz around Feyenoord: They have a Top 2 single in the charts, 3 of their players have been selected for the national team but the new coach Marco van Basten...and I am not there. Humbug.


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